Sunday, October 30, 2011

I have an opinion.  Often....okay.  Very often.  So let me tell you you something!

Just a few things I constantly use and swear by: - This is, by far, the most all inclusive site for finding and sorting recipes.  I love the reviews, because you can find out who has the same taste as you so you can adjust the recipes.  It's just like reviewing a product and I love product reviews!  (Hence, the blog.)

Hair Dryer/Brush - I don't care what type of hair you have, you will love this!  You know how they make your hair look so awesome in the salon because they blow dry it with a curled brush?  Well here it is!  I've used this type of product for over 10 years.  They last forever and get that salon looking good hair!

Sally's Beauty Supply - I buy most of my beauty products there because it cost so much less and you get better products.  They have a generic shampoo that is comparable to Paul Mitchell for so much less.  Plus, it's the best place to by a flat iron or the blow dryer I linked above.  They often come with a warranty and last far longer if they are bought there instead of a general store.

Lastly, a little humor is what we all need and when I need that pick me up, I know just where to go.  A good De-motivational poster or shirt is always helpful.  Just knowing that someone else finds other people just as annoying is a true joy!  A gem!  I like it A LOT!  Get it!

So I hope you enjoyed these personal favorites of mine!

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