Monday, October 31, 2011

I love a good deal!  Who doesn't!?  Finding them can be a time consuming pain though.  Since we have 6 people in our family and with the times as they are, I've started looking at new ways to save. I've actually found some pretty easy ways that, in my opinion, don't involve extreme cheapness. :-)

1.  Plan ahead.  Before heading to the movies or a restaurant, look online.  Often times, there are certain times for discounts or specials for your area.  It never hurts to look at it can save you way more then change.  By choosing a matinee movie, you can save $2 per person.  That is basically a $10 off coupon for a family of five!   

2. Know the places that offer regular discounts when choosing a place to eat out.  Most places have a kids eat free night every week which can be a load off you and a joy to them!

3. Finally, don't feel bad to just say "no" to yourself.  Try a no spending week, maybe?  You'd be surprised how much you will do without in order to meet your goals.  You will feel good and end up using up the things you already have around the house.  My kids love when I get "creative" for dinner!

Tell me some creative ways you save?

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